Colour, an emotional trigger to help increase sales

With the rise of the E-Commerce, the Brick and Mortar retail needs to re-invent itself.

In a recent article, the Industry London underlines the 5 emotional triggers to help increase sales including the power of colour.

Colour’s powerful influence on our mood can evoke feelings that can make a significant impact on customers purchasing behaviour.

Did you know that consumers only spend 90 seconds forming an opinion about your product, and a large part of that decision is based on colour?

The emotional triggers of different colours have been researched time and time again for retail marketing. It has found that 93% of purchasing decisions are based on visual appearance, with 85% of consumers citing colour as the primary reason for choosing a product.

Implement a colour strategy in your shop

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  • The impact of colour on your sales strategy

  • How to implement a colour emotion journey in your shop

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