co-nekt designs multi-sensorial experiences during the first London Luxury Think Tank

Last week, the French Chamber of Great Britain and Walpole were co-hosting the first think tank for luxury leaders to explore the latest innovations that will drive the future of luxury. This one day event featured visionary talks by high profile speakers, four in-depth panels and inspirational personal stories from pioneers.

As the future of luxury retail is all in the experience, co-nekt agency designed a multi-sensorial journey to interact with the audience through colour experiences.

Get Inspired. Extracts from the London Luxury Think Tank

" We're seeing a new generation that live to change the world" -Alexandra Palt @loreal

" Our retail technology is built by people for people." Jonathan Chippindale @Holition

" The world is run by emotions!" Diana Verde Nieto @positiveluxury

" Be Child-Like minded to Win as a Brand."Lateral Thinking" Paul Smith

" Brands will need to create series of meaningful experiences available to customers "@ havas luxury hub

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With co-nekt and mycoocoon, we empower brands with meaningful colour experiences.

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