Where Retail Technology Needs To Go Now

In a recent article for www.forbes.com, Richard Kestenbaum , covers the future of retail technology.

According to him, 'the next technology in retail will allow a store to recognize customers when they enter and have sales associates make personalized recommendations based on the available data about a consumer. It's not science-fantasy, it's coming soon and every retailer will have to have it to be competitive. These new ideas and software will affect almost every in-store experience in the future, they will change what it means to go to a store and they will make store experiences more worthwhile than ever.'

'They’d use cameras and sensors to know who every customer is when they enter the store. That technology monitors where customers walk, what they look at, where they spend time, what they touch, what they try on. It correlates that data with other store visits a specific consumer has made to that store or its other branches, their mobile site and their website. It sees what piques a customer’s curiosity, it knows what fits, it knows what kinds of styles and colors a consumer likes and will work well. It’s a better service to consumers because it connects consumers with products they like.’

William Eldin, from XXII Group has one ambition, ‘augmenting' the Human of tomorrow. Bio-inspired, he will launch this year a bio-inspired artificial intelligence platform for retail, security, autonomous cars among others. XXII Group developed a journey where people will will test their algorithms of recognition of micro-expressions and emotions, of recognition and identification of objects, of tracking of people, of recognition and identification of gestures and human behaviors, able to identify aggression, falls, danger, falling asleep, ...

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