For Daniela Arole, sensploration is ' about providing an experience which appeals to all senses – including visual. “ Sensploration is a trend that emerged as a psychological science, started to explore the senses & how they interact .”

According to her, the challenge is to excite the customers – whether through sensploration or 'EX-ploration of new techniques, innovative product, exciting marketing and media channels, and overall – experiences which surprise and delight.'

There is indeed a huge hunger for such innovative multi-sensory experience design. 'As consumers grow evermore weary of constant digital bombardment, they seek out more authentic experiences to immerse themselves with a brand' underlines Professor Charles Spence, Experimental Food Psychologist.

Let's co-nekt

We help to build brands through multi-sensorial concepts. We can also provide the support for this through the development of the emotional, sensorial and marketing communication message.

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