Building human digital experiences

For David Aponovich, 'brands have more content than they can use, more customer data than ever and more technology to deliver great interactions in the moment. But why are so many interactions irrelevant and lacking the human touch?'

In his recent article pubsished on CMS Wire, he explains how to to deliver more human-focused experiences in order to stop many iirrelevant nteractions and the lack of the human touch.

  • Guide your customers’ journeys: Hyperpersonalize with customer journey orchestration

  • Reinvent service and support

  • Blend digital and physical commerce

  • Use dynamic digital signage

  • Deliver a human touch via digital services: Going digital doesn’t mean there isn’t room for human interaction.

According to him, "the brands that will win are thinking far beyond customer acquisition, and are instead devoting time and resources to using digital tech to give customers an amazing experience with human relevance across every touchpoint."

Let's co-nekt

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