Colour impacts fashion brands' Instagram engagement

Countless studies and infographics have connected colours with hyper-specific consumer reactions. Colour is a powerful tool to communicate at a more subliminal level and impacts shoppers’ mood and behavior on and offline.

In recent study,Corra examined more than 200,000 images posted to Instagram by 200 popular fashion brands.

'Do images from fashion brands that feature certain colors tend to garner more engagement on Instagram?'

Corra key report highlights:

  • Photos containing the color black seem to drive stronger engagement when utilized by footwear and swimwear verticals. Black is also popular in the activewear vertical, only topped by pink. Black inspires confidence, and this success doesn’t come as a surprise. However, black has the opposite effect when included in photography for streetwear and high fashion. For these segments, red, orange, and pink are effective colours. Generically speaking, pink, purple, and white are the most engaging, regardless of verticals.

  • Images that include quite a bit of black also do well for activewear brands—topped only by images that include a significant amount of pink.

  • In the casualwear vertical, Instagram posts that feature purple tend to spark above-average engagement.

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