If you want to win over customers, appeal to their emotions

According to research from Clicktale, as many as 76 % of big data professionals admit that consumers are fundamentally not rational when they shop.

In a recent article published on www.entrepreneur.com, Liraz Margalit explains how "consumer buying behaviors are heavily influenced by a person's impulses, behaviors and moods. Unlike repeatable rational decisions, brands will inevitably have difficulty tracking and predicting future purchases if those purchases are based on impulses and emotions. The behavior of a consumer can vary drastically from day to day, with a good or bad mood directly impacting how they perceive their interactions with a brand. What was considered a positive customer experience one day might be perceived as negative the next -- all because of the customer’s changing mood."

According to her "brands must recognize the nuances they can use to advance their customer relations and become more successful."

Let's co-nekt

As an universal language conveying emotions, colour speaks to the sensibility of everyone with a direct influence on the state of mind and the mood. We empower brands with the development of meaningful customer experiences based on colour.

Get in touch at experience@co-nekt.com



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