Storytelling to VR 'Storyliving'

Emerging technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) have changed the way consumers want to interact with each other and it is the "ultimate empathy machine" because it connects people who have never met, said a Facebook executive.

In a recent article published on John Stevens confirms that « virtual reality (VR) will become more mainstream. The growth the VR industry has experienced as shown by the above chart has been nothing short of exponential. Now, here’s where it gets more interesting: the virtual reality software industry has gone from being a measly $129 million industry in 2015 to a projected $2.57 billion industry in 2018. »

5 virtual reality trends to watch out for in 2018:

  1. Expect to See More 360° VR Videos

  2. More VR adoption in advertising

  3. A rise in VR developers

  4. A more immersive experience

  5. 5. Increased availability, and reduced cost, of VR products

  6. Increased availability, and reduced cost, of VR products


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